My client in Deal (who I've discussed before in the post titled Underwater World) wanted blue and green in her master bedroom. After a bit more discussion we came to the conclusion it wasn't Yves Klein Blue and Emerald she was after but a pairing far more mellow. I went away and a few days later I was again at the seaside, my two sons throwing stones into the incoming tide and the weather began to change. Clear blue sky and steel grey water became the colours you see in the photo below. These were the colours I needed to present to my client. How? I found an online colour picker that would give me the RGB values which would allow me to identify commercial paints that most closely matched what I had captured on my phone. In practice it worked out beautifully. We added a chair rail which had the effect of adding a horizon line and went blue above and green on and below the rail. The client was pleased because the colours were in keeping with the seaside location of my her summer home and created a serene yet dramatic atmosphere to her bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Secret Path

Benjamin Moore Blue Dusk