No, your kid couldn’t have painted it.

Franz Kline, Chief, 1950

Unfortunately, Abstract Art or Modern Art often still elicits a negative response. It looks easy. It’s messy. What is it? A soup can?!

I’ve found a quite straightforward and informative account of the group of painters, mainly painting in Post-WW2 New York City, that built upon the traditions of more experimental painting and sculpture that was done previously - primarily in Europe - and brought us what most now commonly call Modern Art (this is a bit of a misnomer as Modern Art really begins in the late 19th century).

All art can bring beauty or interest or humour or drama to a room. For my money, art from the Post-Modern era (including contemporary art) Does this most successfully. It’s often graphic, design like quality allows it to sit quietly in the room as an element or it can inspire the entire design of a room.