When I moved from NYC to London there was one issue I had not considered until the day before the international shippers came to pack up our apartment - what to do with our plants? First, I asked my mother to take them but surprisingly she refused. She was certain she’d just kill them. Then I moved on to my cousin - same response. It wasn’t a family trait. I had no problem keeping the plants alive. I watered them and put them in a good spot and that was about it. Luckily - for the plants - a neighbor knew of another neighbor that loved plants (interesting article here). Suffice to say I dropped them in front of his door the day we left NYC, waved goodbye and I’m certain there doing just fine because it’s simply not that hard to take care of plants.

Here are three I have found to be nearly indestructible, with links to Hortology.co.uk to find out more.

Chlorophytum Ocean - Spider Plant
Apidistra - Cast Iron Plant
Dracaena Fragrans - Dragon Tree