A recent client’s move from London to the seaside - Shoreditch to Deal - came with a key request. They wisely didn’t want to deny where they were - historic Kent coast - but equally wanted to avoid slipping into a a nostalgic nautical/seaside theme.
Thankfully, they already had a good collection of contemporary art and didn’t have to be persuaded to add to it. In this case though it wouldn’t be paintings but instead decorative art.

Ceramics artist Megan Bogonovich has created a large series of pieces that strongly reference sea life while running it through here very particular and vivid imagination.
Using her work throughout - the client bought three pieces - we were able acknowledge the physical reality of the environment without falling back on tired tropes. More importantly we were able to create visual interest as one travelled through the house and add an element that tied rooms together. All while supporting an imaginative, talented artist. Couldn’t have gone better.